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Patent Number: MY 137792-A

Filing Number: PI20043189


In this 21st century there is a higher demand for the application of high-tech ceramic materials with properties better than most metals. Alumina is one of the high-tech ceramic materials that are widely used. Alumina in the alpha crystal form ranks next to silicon carbide and diamond in terms of hardness and is used as abrasives, cutting tools, polishing and also bullet-proof materials. It also has high electrical and thermal resistance is widely used as electrical and thermal insulator especially in high temperature applications. Another crystal form of alumina is the gamma form that has very large surface area and porosity used as absorbing material especially for the oil and gas industry. Our group has successfully produce alumina from both alpha and gamma forms as well as micron and nano particle sizes. The aluminas are also produced from different aluminium wastes include dross, industrial metal and drinking can wastes that make the starting material cost much lower.