Portal Rasmi Agensi Nuklear Malaysia

Patent Number: MY-145085-A

Filing Number : PI 20080940


Our wound dressing in paste form is so flexible to wound contour compared to sheet or film dressing. The product can be applied on any types of wound, either on surface or in cavity, and it can easily be applied to deep wound and wound at joints. Very few wound dressings in the form of gel/paste are available in the market and none are locally manufactured. Compared to the commercially available wound pastes, our product has a special feature as required by physicians. The product stays on wound as a barrier to prevent from contamination, it absorbs exudates while providing moisture environment for wound to heal fast and most importantly, it can easily be removed after healing or during changing of dressing with no pain to patients. The product is made of natural polymer namely chitosan derivative i.e Oligochitosan and NO-CM Chitosan, blended with radiation crosslinkable polymers. The soft yet flexible gel is exposed to gamma rays or electron beam for sterilization as well as for cross-linking. Thus this friendly product is free from chemical preservative or residues. Chitosan derivative has biological properties that can accelerate the wound healing process besides its known properties as antimicrobe and antioxidant. The product is not toxic and biocompatible to human body. Large scale production has been successfully conducted and clinical trial will be carried out this year under technofund programme. We are looking for a commercial manufacturer for this product for local and foreign market.