Portal Rasmi Agensi Nuklear Malaysia

Filing Number : PI20040081


The Malaysian oil and gas industry produces a waste in the form of oil sludge. Oil sludge with high radioactivity has been categorized as a radioactive waste and this radioactivity is mostly attributed by the present of easily leached radium element. Most of the present oil sludge treatment techniques only deal with separating the hydrocarbon and soil components thus further increases the radioactivity content in the soil waste. The project aims at containment and lowering the radioactivity level of the oil sludge by diluting the soil with low radioactivity mineral such as clay. Clay brick containing radioactive oil sludge when fired at certain temperature will produce vitrified or glassy surface that hinders the radioactivity element to be leached out. Test on this oil sludge brick using ISO 6961 methodology proves that no radium will be leached out even after long testing period. Similar containment and dilution methodology can be used for radioactive waste produced from other activities such as the down-stream processing of radioactive minerals.