Portal Rasmi Agensi Nuklear Malaysia

Filing Number: PI 2010005683


The probe is essentially an electromagnetic sensor and it is used in eddy current technique for defect detection and characterisation of industrial components such as heat exchangers, boilers and steam generators. This invention relates to eddy current probe and method of fabricating for the inspection of tubes or other cylindrical components use in Non Destructive Testing(NDT) technology industries. It is detachable in design thus can be used with various eddy current equipments available in the market. Apart from compliance to the current code and standard of practice for eddy current testing of tubes, the product is low in cost with an added advantage of a much robust capability towards harsh industrial environment provided by the material used in its fabrication. The eddy current probe can be produced in various diameters which provide inspection capability for all tube designs and this is the only eddy current probe fabrication and production technology available locally.