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Patent Number: PI 20043088

Filing Number: MY-137367-A


Polyvinyl chloride, PVC is an attractive material due to its flexibility in the processing, applications and among the cheaper materials for its usage. PVC makes major contribution to the quality, safety and cost effectiveness of modern road vehicles. On 8 March 2011, the Prime Minister unveiled 23 projects under the Economic Transformation Programme and which include the commercialization of epoxidised natural rubber, ENR (EkoprenaTM) as raw material to support high-end rubber product industries. In view this, it was found that addition of ENR to PVC contributes to the flexibility and elasticity to PVC. Blends of PVC/ENR allow for precise adjustments of its material properties to give the exact performance and quality requirements for specific end-use applications. Both materials as locally produced in Malaysia. Thus, the development of new EkoprenaTM based thermoplastic elastomer compounds that meet the specification of established synthetic materials will generate a new growth in the utilization of EkoprenaTM.


Main Advantages:

  • Exhibit superior properties, radiation crosslinkable, recyclable
  • Offer wide range of hardness, tensile and Flexural properties
  • Good liquid and oil resistance.
  • Excellent UV, ozone & ageing resistance



  • Automotive Interior/exterior parts such as body & side protection strips, weather strips and window sealing profiles
  • Building profiles such as door and window sealing profiles.
  • Hoses and gaskets
  • Speaker mounting
  • Foot wear


Target Market:

  • Automotive
  • Construction/building
  • Footwear