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Patent Number: MY-144472-A

Filing Number: PI20081852


Thermoplastic elastomers based on ethylene-propylene-diene-terpolymer rubber (EPDM) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) were produced. The compounds can be used to produce flexible automotive Interior/exterior parts such as body & side protection strips, weather strips and window sealing profiles. Blends of PVC/EPDM allow for precise adjustments of its material properties to give the exact performance and quality requirements for specific end-use applications This is important in shock-absorbing vehicle components such as “soft” dashboard, reducing injury in the case of impact. The improved flexibility of PVC with the addition of EPDM would increase the design freedom. This freedom in vehicle interiors will allow even the most challenging designs to enhance the comfort of vehicle interiors. In 2000, Malaysia exported RM 1,042.1 million worth of automotive parts and accessories, up 113 percent from 1995. Along with this, the local content of national cars has increased up to 80 % while the % of local content in domestically assembled foreign cars has also increased 65%. The development of PVC/EPDM blend formulations for specific product would increase the applications of the rubber locally. In addition to protect the local automotive industry, the Malaysian Government imposed local content requirement of 45 to 60% for passenger and commercial vehicles and 60% for motocycles. Thus, the material developed would benefit local car manufacturers. This is essential if the Malaysian rubber industry is to survive and prosper in the era of rapid globalisation, with trade barriers continuingly being dismantled, formation of regional trading blocks and bilateral and multi Free Trade Agreements, the emergence of lower-cost-rubber rubber producers and rubber product manufacturers, the treat of substitutes, and in particular, the ever-increasing presence of China.


Main Advantages:

  • Durable, superior strength, plasticizer, Cadmium and lead free
  • Improved elastic properties with the addition of rubber.
  • Enhanced mechanical properties and oil resistance by irradiation.
  • The application will increase local content in national cars and domestically assembled foreign cars


  • A diverse range of products used in the automotive industry can be derived from the compounds such as weather stripping, seals, dashboard, knobs and window profiles

Target Market:

  • Automotive industry