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Patent Number : MY- 137279-A

Filing Number : PI 20002615


EyeFresh is the spin-off product from hydrogel wound dressing. This cosmetic product is designed for eye treatment to freshen eyes and the delicate skin surrounding eyes. The product is in the form of jelly patch, slightly stick to skin. Eyefresh is recommended for tired, stress, puffy eyes and can be used as eye cover during facial treatments. Eyes will feel relax and the skin surrounding the eyes feels fresh as it offers a soothing sensation. EyeFresh is transparent, flexible and elastic, able to follow the eye contour for maximum effect. Frequent use of EyeFresh may reduce puffiness and dark circles. EyeFresh can be manufactured containing any natural extracts such as tomato juice, cucumber juice, gamat, aloe vera juice or according to customer’s request for specific function. The extract will diffuse and reach the skin. EyeFresh is made of safe materials, cross-linked and sterilized by ionizing rays. Large scale production is carried out in our GMP Cosmetic Facility. A commercial partner is welcome to manufacture this product for cosmetic market.