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Patent Number : MY- 137279-A

Filing Number : PI 20002615


Hydrogel wound dressing is flexible and elastic. The gel dressing is designed for burn wound, ulceration, bedsore, abrasion and many other skin injuries. It covers skin contour or surface wound bed without strongly adhere to the wound therefore the removal of the dressing is usually painless. The product is recommended for wound dressing especially in children as its cooling sensation will soothe the wound. The dressing will keep the wound moist whilst acting as a biological barrier to infection from outside without hindering air penetration. The dressing is transparent thus enable physicians to monitor wound healing process and assists in deciding further treatment or to change dressing. The frequency of changes depends very much on degree of wound contamination and stage of treatment. The dressing is made of clinically safe materials, cross-linked and sterilized by ionizing rays. Bioactive compounds such as honey, gamat and herbal extract can be added for faster healing. The product is ready for technology transfer for commercial production.