Portal Rasmi Agensi Nuklear Malaysia


Filing Number : PI 20064323


The decision to harvest oil palm fruits is done by judging the number of loose fruits on the ground and the color of the fruits. This process is crucial as the amount of under-ripe and unripe fruits will affect the quality of oil produced; if the number is too high, the oil quality will degrade. At the moment there is no instrument available in the market to guide in harvesting process, its all depends on the human eyes and experience. However, research has shown that as the palm fruit ripen the oil content increases and the water component decreases causing electrical conductivity to decrease. This is the principle of our instrument design and measurement. The ripeness gauge is made up of a probe and an electronics module that detect the fruit conductivity and correlate the value with the fruit ripeness stage. The result ie. the fruit ripeness status will be displayed on the instrument. Key innovation in this product is the 2-terminals probe with a cylindrical outside terminal and a sharp inside terminal. The unique design of the probe will minimize result inconsistency due to the variation of shape and size of oil palm fruits. Fruit measurement result is obtained almost immediately plus the product is user friendly and easy to use as the operation is easy and straight forward.