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Filing Number : PI 20072084



The Nuclear PipeScanner is a portable nucleonic gauge for non-destructive testing of blockages and material deposits in insulated or non-insulated pipelines in industrial process plants, developed by Malaysian Nuclear Agency (Nuklear Malaysia) formerly known as Malaysian Institute for Nuclear Technology Research (MINT). A rapid means of locating and measuring the thicknesses of deposits without the need to shut down the plants.


Operation Principles

The Nuclear Malaysia’s PipeScanner works on the principle of gamma-ray absorption, requiring a small quantity of radioactive material and a scintillation detector. The depth profile of the material build-up is mapped by rotating the scanner around the pipe.


Main Features

  • Non-destructive on-line inspection
  • Non-contact measurement and not affected by high temperature, high pressure or corrosiveness
  • Non-elaborate preparation of pipelines necessary
  • Portable, rugged and easily dismantled and reassembled
  • Use a small amount of radioactive material, with build-in radiological safety features
  • Suitable for inspecting pipes with or without insulation
  • Application on a wide range of pipe sizes
  • Computer-aided data acquisition and analysis system for fast, accurate and reliable results


Typical Application

  • Locating blockages in pipelines
  • Determining the extent and magnitude of scale or sludge build-up in pipelines
  • Detecting “liquid pools” in vapour or flare lines
  • Locating areas of lost refractory or pipe lining
  • Measuring fluid flow densities
  • Detecting liquid-liquid interfaces during batch transfers
  • Evaluation fluidization of catalyst

Recognition and References The scanner has beeen successful applied to detect blockages and materials build-up in pipelines in many major offshore petroleum exploration and production platforms, refineries, gas process installation, chemical plants and power operation utilities in Malaysia Training on Malaysia’s PipeScanner technology has been provided to personnel form the South-East Asia, the Far East, Australasia, South Asia, as well as Albania, Austria, and the Republic of South Africa, under auspices of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) The Nuclear Malaysia’s PipeScanner has Won Two Awards:

  1. Gold Medal, International Investion, Innovation, Industrial Design and Technology Exhibition (ITEX’98)
  2. Gold Medal, Innovation Awards 1998, Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation Malaysia.