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Patent Number: MY 142968-A

Filing Number: PI20050126


Sago film is a 100% biodegradable, compostable, and designed to replace non-degradable film made from synthetic polymer such as PE or PP. The film can be produced into various thicknesses depending on applications. Blends of sago film have been prepared into soft and hard formulation depending on its final applications. It has good mechanical strength and good water permeability. Unlike conventional non-degradable packaging film, sago film will not contaminate ecosystems and degrade naturally in outdoor and landfill areas. The film once composted decomposed into harmless carbon and water molecules. This film has unique features that when in contact with sewage and sanitary waste it decompose faster due to fungus activities.



  • Food Packaging
  • Toy Packaging
  • Garbage & Mulch bags
  • Grocery Bags / Shopping Bags
  • Cutlery Packaging
  • Medical Film
  • Lamination of Paper with Film



  • Airlines Industries
  • Hypermarket
  • Pharmaceutical Application