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Patent Number : MY 129856-A

Filing Number : PI20013987


This patent claimed the process and apparatus for prevulcanizing natural rubber latex in a continuous flow. High ammonia latex concentrate is formulated in formulation tanks by mixing with monomer, stabilizer, antioxidant and water before it is transferred to a feeding tank. From the feeding tank, the formulated latex will be transferred into irradiation bunker by means of hydraulic pumping mechanism through a stainless steel matrix pipe. The formulated latex is exposed to predetermined radiation dos while travelling in the pipe, the latex vulcanized by the radiation and producing radiation prevulcanized natural rubber latex (RVNRL). RVNRL is a low modulus prevulcanized latex, it is non-radioactive and safe to handle. It uses no curatives like sulphur, zinc oxide or dithiocarbamates. No special latex is required. RVNRL has the required properties for latex dipped products manufacturing according to the standard techniques already available. Advantages of products made from RVNRL are free from nitrosamines and low in nitrosatables; free from cytotoxicity and reduced reaction-inducing potential; free from chemical accelerators induced allergies; better clarity; lower ash residue; lower acid combustion gases; safer disposal of used products and less environmental pollution; non-copper staining, safe for use in electronic industry and better biodegradability.