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Patent Number : PI 20022825 (Malaysia), 03178677.4 (China), 092120467 (Taiwan), 083426 (Thailand), 1-2003-000322 (Philippines) and P-00 200300378 (Indonesia)

Filing Number : MY-144738 – A (Malaysia), I 316950 (Taiwan), ID P0026562 (Indonesia)


Sago hydrogel is a crosslinkable polysaccharide polymer network that swells in water. The process of making sago hydrogel is by blending sago starch with water-soluble polymers. This mixture is exposed to electron beam irradiations in order to form crosslinked hydrogel and at the same time sterilize the product. The active ingredient, polyphenol, that exist in the sago starch will be leached out during the healing process of wound or curing of acne problem on the skin. The polyphenol will accelerate the process of treatment. The sago hydrogel has the ability to absorb toxic fluid from blooding wound and dirt from the pores of skin. At the same time, it will give moist environment to the affected area of wound or skin. In the case of wound, the dressing will act as barrier from bacterial infection on the wound. For the facial skin, the new layer of oily face will protect the skin from further contamination of microbe or dirt and also skin aging.



  • Wound dressing for the treatment of burn and skin wound in medical application
  • Facial mask for treatment of acne skin problem cosmetic application
  • Cold fever in reducing body heat
  • Bedsores in operation surgical application
  • Breast patch