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Filing Number: PI 2010005771


The invention relates to a specific design of a fluidized bed processing apparatus to process biomass waste and other materials to achieve the effect of drying, pyrolisis, carbonization, gasification, combustion and other mass transfer or separation processes. More particularly, the present invention relates to an improved design of a fluidized bed thermal processing apparatus and its components by providing excellent system, good heat and mass transfer, and easy removal of products.

The invention relates to the enhancement of mixing the feed materials with the reacting air, heat transfer from the heating medium to the feed material and within the feed material bed, de-volatilization, de-gasification or mass transfer, and easy and fast product removal for further processing if needed. This enhancement is achieved by integrating fluidized bed, rotary kiln, and rocking kiln systems. This specific system name is given as Rocking Kiln – Fluidized Bed (RK-FB) system.


Brief description of the system

The system is a thermally insulated cylindrical furnace, supported by rollers and bearing, tilted frame supported on rigid and stable support structures, equipped with rocking drive mechanism, axial air complete with pumps, material feed chute, primary burner and instrumentation system. The system is provided with air box at the bottom to allow air pressure equalization prior to introduction into the system for fluidization. The material feeding and primary burner is positioned on one end and the axial air at the opposite end of the reactor.