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Non Destructive Testing Services

Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) is a method of diagnosing defect of component and system reliability without damaging the parts being tested. NDT plays a vital role in manufacturing, quality control and plant life management. It is used in a wide range of industries including manufacturing, petrochemical, power generation, transport and civil engineering.

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Most NDT methods complement one another. Almost all materials, either metals or non-metals, can be inspected by using one or more of NDT methods. Among the advantages of  NDT methods are:

• Tested objects or parts can be reused (unless proven defective),
• Test can be conducted to all samples (100% inspection) or representative samples,
• More than one inspection technique can be applied to the same object,
• Requires minimum (or no) specimen preparation,
• Equipment is normally portable and suitable for field inspection,
• Inspection may be performed while the object or parts are in the service.

Nuclear Malaysia’s national NDT technology centre has over 15 years of experience in identifying appropriate NDT methods and establishing procedures to solve inspection problems in the above mentioned industries. The centre offers possible solutions to a range of NDT needs, including:

Research and Development
• Corrosion and deposit evaluation on pipe by radiography
• Development and evaluation of digital radiography system
• NDT for concrete and building structures
• Development of PC based real time ultrasonic metal thickness measurement system and ultrasonic probe fabrication
• Development of laser application in NDT
• Acoustic emission application in NDT
• Infra-red thermography application in NDT

Services and Consultancy
• Conventional and advanced NDT techniques
• Ultrasonic Testing on metal and non-metal
• Radiation Protection and Design or verification of industrial X-ray and gamma ray exposure room
• Maintenance of gamma projector and verification of industrial X-ray machine

Specialised NDT Services
• Advanced industrial radiography techniques
• Ultrasonic imaging
• Acoustic emission system
• Real time infra-red thermography inspection
• Multifrequency Eddy Current System
• Laser shearography
• Surface methods (Liquid penetrant And magnetic particle)

NDT Products
• Eddy current probe and cable puller pusher fabrication
• Dummy gamma projector and automatic cable winder

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